The John Spiridakis Personal Injury Law Firm P.C.

A New York City based law firm.

28 Years of Experience Winning Personal Injury Cases

  • The firm and the lawyers representing you have recovered over $50,000,000 in client awards. John Spiridakis Personal Injury Law Firm PC
  • We offer a team of experienced lawyers, with proven track records in winning awards for clients in a wide range of personal injury cases.
  • Upon evaluating your case we will assign the most qualified lawyers available for your individual case - making the most of our knowledgebase and experience to provide effective representation and win the largest award possible for your loss, pain and suffering.
  • We are ready to aggressively defend your rights to win the maximum award possible for your case.

About Legal Fees

  • Injury cases are handled on a contingency basis.
  • Our fee at the end of a case is 1/3 of the monies recovered, after expenses are deducted. John Spiridakis Personal Injury Law Firm PC
  • For medical malpractice cases, a sliding scale is used to determine fee at conclusion of the case.
  • You may also be entitled to recover money for economic loss due to lost wages, diminished future earning capacity, physical impairment, disfigurement, as well as physical and mental pain and suffering.